John Grady

grady coverJohn Grady’s book, Beats: now & then is an epic tome from a man who lived and breathed its subject matter from the middle of last century to his passing in 2019. A poet is someone who doesn’t take life at face value and from an early age John began questioning and writing and taking nothing for granted. With depth and deftness John looks at the dark and the light sides of American culture through the lens of a realist/idealist hippie poet. And with intelligence, truth, and lots of humor, John fills us in on what we missed and points us in an optimistic direction with poetry and music as our guide and hope. Purchase Johns Book on Amazon here.

John never published any of his awesome poetry while he was alive, and he didn’t save anything on a computer. But with the help of relatives and friends who had paper copies of some of his poems, and by transcribing others that we had video and recordings of, we were able to piece together this memorial chapbook. This book is a little poetry treasure from this man we all knew and loved. This is out of print but you can Read This Crazed Ocean in its entirety here. 

Listen to John read his poem Jack’s Night Fire with The Beat Night Band from the Album View From the Mic