Good Fat Poetry Volume 1

For some time, I’ve wanted to gather together a sampling of the variety of voices I’ve heard at local readings over the last couple decades. The poems here don’t represent any one particular style of poetry, rather they present a broad cross-section of poets and perspectives from the seacoast and the region. From Portsmouth to Walpole, Eliot to Ogunquit, Newburyport to Somerville, Good Fat covers a good chunk of the New England poetry map. 

I kept my poetry to myself for a long time, but when I finally worked up the guts to go to my first reading I discovered something critical that had been missing from my writing practice. You can’t grow as a writer without the vulnerability that comes from exposing your work to the community and without reading and listening to others’ work. The power of listening and being heard is a gift that this community of writers gives to each other month after month, year after year. This zine, like the poetry reading, is one more way to give that gift and to reach outside those circles as well.

Whether you’re a poet or not I hope you enjoy this collection and that you feel inspired to write or create something, go to a reading, have a conversation, get involved or maybe just stare at the clouds a little longer.

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