Good Fat Poetry Volume 3

Good Fat is expanding! Since the last zine came out we started getting submissions from all over the place outside New England, from Pennsylvania to Iowa to San Francisco to New Mexico. From the beginning it’s been important for Good Fat to be a zine for local seacoast and New England folk, but it’s been really cool to get all these other great poems from outside the area. Good Fat still has mostly New England poets, but you’ll now notice some non-New Englanders sprinkled about.

You might also notice, like the previous two zines, volume three has more women poets than men. This is intentional. It’s important to give more space to the voices of women because when you look at the statistics for publishing of women authors as oppose to men the situation is embarrassingly out of balance as it’s always been. So, Good Fat will continue to be out of balance in women’s favor.

I hope you enjoy this volume of Good Fat as much as I have putting it together.

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