Good Fat – Community Compilations

Good Fat is a poetry zine, and sometimes book, that showcases a diverse sampling of the variety of voices I’ve heard at local readings over the last couple of decades from writers of New Hampshire’s seacoast area and beyond.  Good Fat is not just about stuffing more words into your brain, it’s about community. I want to print these things on paper and make them available in the three-dimensional world. I want you to leave your house or look up from your phone and go get a zine, hold it in your hands, smell it, rub it on your face and then read it. Find a poem you like and read it to the stranger next to you. Get in front of a crowd and read a poem to them excitedly like you’re Whitman or chill like Plath. Go visit your poor mother and read one to her. Or run down the street screaming about how you’ve been asleep your whole life, but now you’re awake. Either way, read it, share it, just don’t get hit by a bus while doing it.

All volumes of Good Fat are available in paper form at Book & Bar in Portsmouth. Look to the top left of the shelf in the poetry section for the Beat Night label. 

Good Fat may also be purchased on Amazon in paperback and kindle here.  All profits donated.

If neither of those methods work please email me at  Tell me which zines you would like and give me your address and I will mail or deliver them myself to you for free.

To be published in Good Fat email me at

Accepting poems now for Good Fat Volume 6 where our theme is Loss.

Good Fat is a not-for-profit community project offered for the love of poetry and community. If you would like to help me keep publishing Good Fat please make a donation to Bee Monk Press on paypal. Thanks!

Alas, if you have no money or are not interested in owning things, all the Good Fat’s may be read online for free below!