Mike Nelson

Gina is a bee that’s been through a lot, but with the help of some new friends, she confronts her fears and learns some valuable lessons about trusting herself and listening to her heart. And she learns that family is so much more than she ever knew.

This is my first children’s book. The paintings and story took three years to complete and I’m so excited to finally share it with everyone!

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Divorced Dad’s Laundromat is Mike’s first new book in ten years. His last book, Another Forty Years, touched on divorce, but in this new 196 page volume Mike starts there then takes us through the next fourteen years of his life dealing with fatherhood while fumbling his way through twelve relationships. It’s a tale of passion, betrayal, romance, fear, sex, comedy, drama, friendship and making just about every mistake a guy can make. Love and family is lost, given up on, and found again. The book also takes a trip back in time to his childhood. Mike attempts to capture the absurdity and seriousness of it all by framing it in an episodic format that mimics a show you might binge watch on TV.

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Another Forty Years is Mikes my third collection of poetry published in 2013 and a second edition in 2017.

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“Mike Nelson and I have been friends since he first appeared on the Seacoast poetry scene in the early 2000’s and he was one of the first members of our poetry work-shopping group, Blood on the Floor. He is a member of the impressive generation of forty-something, blue-collar fathers who are successfully balancing career and home life with artistic expression. Fans of Mike have been waiting for a compendium of the strong poems they’ve heard at open mic venues throughout the Seacoast. Another Forty Years is that book. Mike has created a “New and Selected” that includes old favorites, new works that range across his sense of humor, rapturous narratives, divorce and dating, and metaphysical musings always drawing on nature for his chief source of inspiration and consolation.”

John-Michael Albert  8th Poet Laureate of Portsmouth

Listen to the album recorded for this book with the Beat Night Band on Soundcloud for free

My second book Sometimes at Night published in 2007 was made from poems written after I started attending monthly readings all over the seacoast. The feedback I received from the audience and the many poetic individuals I was now becoming friends with was invaluable and changed the way I thought about poetry.

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