Mike Nelson

Another Forty Years by Mike Nelson. This is Mikes third collection of poetry published in 2013 and a secondmepicsized edition in 2017. You can read it online for free here.

To get the book go to Book & Bar in Portsmouth or email me at senilemonkpress@gmail.com
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“Mike Nelson and I have been friends since he first appeared on the Seacoast poetry scene in the early 2000’s and he was one of the first members of our poetry work-shopping group, Blood on the Floor. He is a member of the impressive generation of forty-something, blue-collar fathers who are successfully balancing career and home life with artistic expression. Fans of Mike have been waiting for a compendium of the strong poems they’ve heard at open mic venues throughout the Seacoast. Another Forty Years is that book. Mike has created a “New and Selected” that includes old favorites, new works that range across his sense of humor, rapturous narratives, divorce and dating, and metaphysical musings always drawing on nature for his chief source of inspiration and consolation.”

John-Michael Albert  8th Poet Laureate of Portsmouth and editor at Senile Monk Press

sancover2If you’d like to check out my second book Sometimes at Night published 2007 you can read it here.